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Welcome to Dove chapel,a unique church,a rare combination of God’s grace, positive relationships, enabling environment, and the scintillating revelation word of God. The Spirit of God and the flames  are domiciled in The Dove Chapel and impossibility is nothing with us. Here God’s children don’t recover from one testimony before entering into another. Our God is awesome!

The Dove chapel has been commissioned to unveil the true nature of the Living God, and by the revelation word of God to help the believer to know who he is and what has been given him through the finished work of the cross of Calvary, thus living in dominion and in fulfilled destiny.

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Praise Reports

I attended some job Interviews and I was rejected .At the last Night vigil that we had pastor was praying for each one of us one by one and then when it was my turn, he  prophesied that I will be called back where I was rejected , to my amazement the following Tuesday I got a call from one of the places I was rejected to come for interview. God’s way of bringing the prophesies of his servants to come to pass is simply beyond human comprehension. I give praise to God for his mercies

Sis M

I applied for different jobs and experienced failure at the interviews. The last one I attended was on a Wednesday, the pastor prayed with me a day to the interview, and praise God, I was accepted for the job the same day that I did my interview.

Sis S

The pastor prayed and prophesied about me being specially favoured and about my employment. I give glory to that within that period, I got a job in an international company.

Bro D ,Ohio, USA

I give glory to God because nearly all my prayer requests that we were asked to write down have come to past, glory be to God.

Bro A

A couple of months ago Pastor asked all of us to write our prayer requests and bring it to church on Sunday. I made a list of five prayer requests but misplaced it along the line. But surprisingly when I found it about two months after pastor gave this instruction I found out that all my prayer requests had been answered. I also applied for a licence, not driving, and the issuing authority replied refused me because of a driving offence that I had.  About a week later the house fellowship programme was held in my house. The pastor asked us to pray that every impossibility should be possible, the following week I received the licence that was declined.

Bro J.

The Lord has been very good to me.  Someone had been owing me a large sum money for years and refused to pay me. At the beginning of this year, I was pushed to the wall and wanted to take some wrong steps to get my money back but pastor prayed for me and prophesied that I will get my money back very soon, to my amazement, about a month afterwards he paid me the money in full and apologised to me. I also thank God for giving my residence permit, after pastor prayed for me I applied and it took just two months and now I have my residence permit. Pastor also prayed for me to have a good job and praise God, everything is just falling into place for me, I have a very good job now.

Sis B